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Junior Umpires 2019



If you are interested in umpiring please fill out and submit the following form.  our Director of Umpires will contact you.

Who Can Be an Umpire?

Kids 13 or older who are not playing in Minors or Majors (Juniors players are eligible to be umpires!). TSLL will provide training in early March for candidates that are accepted. If you have 2 years or less experience, you are REQUIRED to attend 1 of the 2 FULL training sessions. This is usually a Friday night and Saturday morning combination (Dates/Times TBD).

If you have more than 2 years you need to go only to one of the Friday night sessions to go over all the rules as a refresher. Although you will not be required to go to field training, it is encouraged.

Some facts about 2019 Junior Umpiring:

  •    Opening Day is March 23rd for the 2019 Season.
  •    Most Games will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  •    Junior umpires work in teams of two for Minors games.
  •    Junior umpires work in the field for Majors games while an adult umpire calls the game at the plate.
  •    Game times generally start at 5:30PM and 7:30PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  •    However some days (such as Opening Day) games can be as early as 12:30PM.

If you have any schedule restrictions or limited availability that you know of now, please include it with your application in the box provided.

NOTE: Filling in the application DOES NOT guarantee you an umpiring position.  We take into consideration how many returning umpires we have, your availability, and overall need.  In general, availability to work 5:30 games is very desirable.